Rides & Classes

Riding Lesson


Learn the fundamentals of Riding!

$55/ group - $95/ private

Learn on one of our classically trained horses or on your own horse. class time is 45 min to 1 hour, ride time is 30 minutes. Arrive 15 minutes early to sign in and to pull on your boots and helmet. 

One private lesson is the prerequisite for this class to evaluate rider capability.

Ages 10 and up. 1-4 riders per class.

Monthly Package:

2 classes per week - $375

4 classes per week- $600


Horsemanship Class


A great introduction to horses!


Learn to catch, halter lead, groom, saddle bridle, lunge & care for a horse or pony. 

Horsemanship classes build confidence and teach you to interact with your horse on the ground.

1-4 students per class. Lesson time is 35 min. Arrive 15 minutes early to check in and sign waiver.


Horsemanship + Riding Class


 Learn all aspects of Riding and Care!


Learn to handle your horse on the ground, groom, saddle and bridle. Then take your horse out for a ride! 20 - 30 minutes tack up and grooming time plus 20 - 30 minutes riding time. 1 hour class.


Liability Release

Please bring your signed Waiver with you to save time!


Parent- Child Riding Experience

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

2 participants - 1.5 hours - $175.00

Meet your horse and learn to groom, saddle and handle your horse on the ground. Once you've got your horse saddled up, it's time to climb in the saddle! Each rider receives a one-on-one private riding lesson back to back. 

This is a great opportunity to bond with your child/ spouse/ niece/ nephew!

Each student will ride separately at their own comfort level leaving the other one free to take pictures and video of their experience. 

Afterward, enjoy relaxing at our beautiful 14 acre private ranch just a short ride from the beach. 

We have a ringside rider's lounge as well as fully appointed showers and restrooms to clean up after your ride. No prior riding experience is necessary. 225 lb weight limit. 

If you purchase this as a Gift Certificate please send an email with the name of the person you would like to have listed as the certificate holder. You can receive the gift certificate vie email or mail. 

riding horses in san diego

PAYMENT - Private Riding Lesson

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

45- 60 min private lesson. 30 minutes ride time. 


Payment - Riding Lesson

GROUP Riding Lesson School Horse - Payment

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Use this link to pay for your Riding lesson. 45 minute to 1 hour lesson, 30 minutes ride time. Each rider must participate in a minimum of 1 private lesson to evaluate skills before going into a group lesson for safety.


PAYMENT - Riding + Horsemanship Class

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Use this link to pay for your Riding plus Horsemanship class. 

50 minutes. Learn to handle your horse on the ground, lead, groom, saddle and bridle. Then hop on and ride!

Lunge line lesson at San Diego Riding

Lunge line lesson- PAYMENT

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Payment for 45 minute Private lunge line lesson. Great for beginners and experienced riders alike! Learn to sit the trot, impr balance, posture and timing of the aids. this lesson is also offered over jumps.

About our Classes


Group Riding Lessons

This class focuses on learning and improving riding technique. 

Learn to ride on our classically trained horses and ponies.

Ages 10 and up. 

1 - 4 riders per class


Advanced Riding Lesson

Learn the basics and fine tune your riding skills. 1 -4 riders per class. 

Your instructor will give you engaging arena exercises to improve communication with your horse or pony. 

You can also ask to do work over poles/ fences or take a short trail ride. 


Horsemanship Class

Horsemanship training for all levels, Adults and Kids. Horsemanship classes teach you to interact safely with your horse. Learn to catch, halter, lead groom, saddle, bridle and lunge the horse on your own. 

Gentle horses and ponies help you build confidence. Learn how the horse reads your body language and how to communicate with him.

1-4 students per class. 30 minutes.


Can I bring my own horse? 

Yes! We offer training for horses and riders. Training rides are $55 for a single ride or $350 per month for 2 sessions per week. Group lessons on your own horse are just $25 per class when you buy a Monthly package of 2 per week. 

Can I sign up through a Charter School?

Yes! We are a preferred vendor for INSPIRE Charter School. 

Can I ride in a Western Saddle?

We have both English and Western saddles available. Most of our horses a trained English.


Do you have restrooms and showers like a gym? 

YES! We have modern plumbed restrooms and showers so you can clean up after your ride and head to work feeling fresh. See the FACILITIES page for more info.


Do I have to saddle the horse myself?

Only horsemanship classes include saddling and grooming lessons.


Is the deposit refundable if I don’t show up for my lesson?


The booking deposit guarantees that there will be a coach and a horse waiting for you at the specified time. We have blocked this time off just for you and reserved a horse.  Please give 24 hours notice to reschedule if you can’t make it and we will do our best to accommodate you.


What do I wear? 

Long pants and boots or closed toed shoes. We have a selection of helmets but we recommend you bring your own to ensure proper fit and comfort. 


Should I arrive early? 

Yes, come 10 - 15 minutes prior to your lesson time to use the restroom and pull on your boots.


Do you offer Private Lessons?

The first lesson is many times private to evaluate the rider's skill and help with tacking up. Remaining lessons are semi-private, which means there will be 1 - 4 riders per lesson. 


What payment types do you accept? 

We accept PayPal, credit and debit cards online. 

We only accept CASH in person.


Do I need to bring anything? 

Bring a helmet if you have one. You may also want to bring water, a hat, sunscreen and some carrots for your pony.


Do I have to wear a helmet?



Can I just show up at the ranch and ride?

No. We are a private barn with a gated entrance, which requires a code to enter. Appointments are required to ride. 


Do you have a weight limit?

Yes. At the moment our weight limit is 225 lbs. We have 2 lesson horses who can carry 225 lbs. The other 2 lesson horses are ponies who can carry 150 to 165 lbs. Please indicate your height and weight when you sign up for a class so we can be sure the appropriate horse is available.


Can I pay for one lesson and have my kids share the time?

No. The lesson cost is per person. We do not allow lesson 'sharing'.


Is there anything else to do at the ranch? 

We have fainting goats. They are fun to pet and feed. You can visit the other horses and miniature donkeys on the property. There are miles of hiking trails right off the property through the estuary to the beach!

Can I feed the horses?

Yes, you can feed your own pony. We allow apples and carrots. Please do not feed the other horses, as some of them have allergies.


Do I have to fill out paperwork when I arrive?

Each rider must fill out a liability release. You can download it at the bottom of the page. You may print it out and bring it wi